Preparing For Your Portrait Session

The key to a successful portrait session is a little preparation and a chat in advance will help us to help you get the very best results.  And, while there are no hard and fast rules, here are some guidelines to bear in mind:- Portraits by Liam Jordan

♦  First decide whether you want a casual or formal portrait.  This is an important decision as it reflects who you are as an individual or as a family.  Wear clothes that you feel comfortable in – don’t choose a look that is out of character.  We’re happy to discuss your choice of clothes with you in advance and we provide a private changing area should you wish to bring along a selection of outfits.

♦  Ensure that everyone dresses either casually or formally – try not to have some in jeans and others in suits.

♦  Co-ordinate your colours and keep patterns and checks to a minimum.  Pastel colours and softer tones work best and are more timeless.  Avoid strong colours and logos if at all possible.

♦  Bare feet look best in casual photography.

♦  Keep make-up matt, apart from lipgloss and – ladies – if the man in your life has a pale complexion keep make-up subtle, otherwise there will be too much of a contrast in skin tones.

♦  Decide where you plan to hang your portrait and measure the area so that we can have a general idea of the most suitable size and shape to suit you.  Remember, it’s best to avoid areas that get direct sunlight.

Small ChildrenChildren's Portrait Photography by Liam Jordan, Liam Jordan Phot

♦  Choose a time of day when they are usually at their best, avoiding sleep and meal times.

♦  Allow plenty of time as it’s important for us to first spend time getting them relaxed so that they become familiar with us and see the session as fun.

♦  Choose simple and snug-fitting clothes – strong colours and patterned clothing tend to dominate a photograph.

♦  Don’t tell them in advance to smile!  It can make some children self-conscious.